working as an event planner in Korea

Working As An Event Planner In Korea

Do you love organizing events and meetings? Do you enjoy throwing parties? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then how about working as an Event planner or Event coordinator. Foreigners can work as Event planner in South Korea.event planner

Job Responsibilities

Event coordinators plan everything from exhibition, weddings to large expos and trade shows. You are responsible for planning, organizing entertainment events. You are also expected to mediate conferences such as: business meetings, seminars, exhibitions, film screenings, festivals etc.job responsibilities

Required Job Skills

This job requires good Customer service and interpersonal skills. Additionally, you need computer knowledge to communicate, plan, budget and organize your events. Since many things need detailed attention, event planners need excellent organization skills.

Problem-Solving Skills are a must in order to quickly solve any issues that may arise. Along with these abilities, an event planner needs outstanding need negotiation skills and the ability to remain calm during crisis and work under high pressure.

In addition, you need good communication skills. Since you will be working in Korea, you will be expected to work with Korean clients as well as foreigners. Besides being fluent in English you will also be required to have above average Korean language skills.


Most jobs require a university degree or diploma in Hospitality or Tourism management. Many companies prefer candidates with prior experience. Minimum 2 years work experience as Event Services Manager may be needed.

Applicable Job Types

You can work as a performance director for Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. You can work as a scenario construction manager, selecting Artists and overseeing stage preparation. You can also work as an Event Planner, Event Exhibition Coordinator and International Conference Planner.

Where To Find These Job Openings

where to find these jobs?You can work with Tourism Association. Companies in the field and experts association, also need event planners for various conventions and conference. Government and Event Companies are always on the look out for competent event planners.

Many of these jobs are posted on the Internet. You can easily find them on job websites. You can also visit the website of the companies you are interested in and apply online.

Additionally, you can find these job openings in local newspapers. There are various reputed recruiting agencies that can help you find a suitable position.

Required Documents And Visa

You can apply for an Event Planner (2735) visa under E-7 visa. Along with a valid passport, application form and visa fee, you will also need additional paperwork. I recommend calling your nearest Immigration office or Korean Embassy/Consulate for more information about the visa requirement.

Salary And Working Hours

salary and working hoursEvent planners work long hours to meet deadlines or prepare for various events and functions. Hours are likely to involve early mornings and/or late nights depending on where you work, deadline etc. You may also have to work on weekends at times.

The amount of money you earn depends on your qualifications, skills, experience and the company/client you work for. Larger firms/companies tend to compensate fairly well. You can make between 2.5 mil KRW to 3.5 mil KRW a month or higher depending on the project.

Event planners/coordinators are in charge of every aspect of the event or party. If you are innovative and have talent…if you’re good with details and love organizing public and social events then this might just be the right fit for you.

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