A Working Holiday Makers Job Search In Korea

So as you all know, A working holiday makers job search in Korea is no easy feat. Especially if your not a teacher. A Working Holiday Maker is just that bit harder!Working-holiday-visa-korea

For one, it’s a country where most people still don’t speak English all to well even though there is a craze for it and a whole lot of money spent by students in hope of becoming fluent in English and getting that dream job. So even while teachers are always desired,  When your a Working Holiday Maker in Korea, It’s even harder to get a job, much much harder. Even from my own experience when I first came here in 2011. I didn’t want to break the conditions of my working holiday visa, so I tried to find a job that wasn’t related to English teaching. In the end honestly I failed and failed quite badly in doing so. But these days, People are realizing there is a demand from working holiday makers in Korea for jobs. However this realization is only starting.


The kind of jobs currently a working holiday maker can do:

  1. Guesthouse Staff
  2. Bar Work
  3. Cleaner (maybe)
  4. Farm jobs (maybe)

A lot of guesthouses these days, Foreigners can do work for accommodation. These programs are very useful. Helps you gain some understanding of a normal workplace outside of the Office.

Bar work for a foreigner in Korea would normally consist of working as a bartender or waitress in Itaewon. This is a very viable option for working holiday visa makers since a lot employers in Itaewon are foreingers and if not they are very foreinger orientated.

As for the other 2 jobs, I have no first hand experience of this, so can’t comment on it.

And that’s about it really. Other than that your trying to tutor English on the side to maintain some cash flow. Also to maintain some kind of lifestyle in Korea, a basic understanding of the Korean language will take you a long way. Or you can just gesture with your hands whenever you need or want something. Anyways long story short, If you plan to come to Korea on a working holiday visa, be prepared for some hardship. You will have for sure in Korea Any working holiday visa holder will you meet will tell you the lifestyle can be quite enjoyable  once you are settled in.

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