Working As A Tour Guide/ Interpreter In Korea

If you are interested in traveling around Korea while earning some coin, a tour guide/interpreter job may be the right fit for you. Working as a tour guide is an excellent way to not only explore an area but also to experience the culture.

how to become a tour guide in KoreaAs a tour guide, you will work in the travel industry.  In order to work as a tour guide/interpreter in Korea, you need a employment recommendation letter from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (International Tourism Division).

Job Responsibilities 

As a tour guide you will be responsible to provide services such as explaining the history of famous landmarks to tourists. You will be primarily dealing with foreign travelers and using their native language. You will give guided tours to groups of visitors who are traveling around Korea.

You will travel with your tour group to historic sites, museums, scenic locations, and other travel destinations.guided tour of Korea


To be a tour guide/interpreter in Korea you need a Master degree or higher. You also need a bachelor’s degree in Korean Study from a Foreign university along with at least one year experience in the relevant field.

You can also apply if you are a graduate of Tourism or History Major from a domestic Korean university (including prospective graduates).

Graduates of a community college or higher are required to have a tour guide-interpreter license in order to apply.

Tour Guide License 

Multicultural Family Center KoreaYou need a tour interpreter license to get this job. Tour Interpreter license is a national certified license in viagra feminin forum online the interpretation field. This license is administered by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Due to an amendment of the tourism law in 2009, all travel agents targeting foreign tourists require tour guides with the tour interpreter license.

Since these guides are responsible for conducting guided tours for foreign visitors, they must have knowledge of Korean cities and tourist spots, Korean history along with a good command of the required foreign language.

Tour Guide license classThe exam for the license consists of written and oral parts. To qualify for the license you must pass both parts. The license exam is administered every 6 months.

The written exam is multiple choice. The topics include Korean history, tourism resources explanation, tourism law, and introduction to tourism.In the oral exam, the sense of duty, professional

knowledge, behavior and sincerity, and presentation ability are evaluated.

A foreign language exam is replaced by certified foreign language test results.

For more information, visit the Human Resources Development Service of Korea website at

Government Run Tour Interpreter Training Program 

Government run tour guide programsGovernment funded multicultural family support centers around Korea, run tour interpreter training programs.

Centers Running Tour Interpreter Training Programs in 2016

family supprt center koreaHere is a list of the multicultural family support centers in various provinces that are conducting the tour interpreter training program this year. You can call the center for more information.

Yeongdeungpo-gu Multicultural Family Support Center in Seoul-si  02-846-5432
Bucheon-si Multicultural Family Support Center in Gyeonggi-do 032-327-1370
Anyang-si Multicultural Family Support Center in Gyeonggi-do 031-8045-5705
Gunpo-si Multicultural Family Support Center in Gyeonggi-do 031-395-1811
Jung-gu Healthy Family & Multicultural Family Support Center in Incheon-si 032-891-1094
Buan-gun Multicultural Family Support Center in Jeollabuk-do 063-580-3941

Potential Employers 

There viagra feminin forum online are several places you can work for as a tour guide/interpreter. You can work at a travel agency which is registered as a tour business operator with the local government and has attracted at least 2,000 foreign tourists on an average for the past two years. A certificate issued by the Korean Association of Travel Agent must be submitted for confirmation.

You can also work for a travel agency that attracted charter flights or received an appreciation plate from the local government for its contribution in attracting foreign tourists.

specialized tour packagesAnother option is to work for a specialized travel agency designated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. These travel agencies provide specialized custom made travel packages for tourists.

If the travel agency satisfies employer standards, they can hire a maximum of 2 foreign employees.

Visa Sponsorship

If you meet all the requirements, the employer will usually provide visa sponsorship. You can apply for an E-7 visa.

Eligible candidates will be issued a single-entry visa which allows you to stay for maximum 2 years.

However, this is on a reciprocal basis. That means this visa is not available for citizens whose countries prohibit Korean citizens from working as a guide.


Tour guide/Interpreter salary KoreaDepending on your qualifications, skills and experience you can make between 2.5 to 3 million won. Additionally, food and travel expenses during the tour is usually covered by the agency.

So if you are a people person, with the passion and the right qualification and you love to travel, give it a try!


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