Alien Registration Card

The first time you arrive in Korea, can’t speak the language, don’t know right from left even. getting the necessary info to survive in Korea is very hard to come by. But if you are here for the long term. Getting your Alien Registration Card (ARC) can be one hell of a confusing thing to do.So the more info you have, the less confusion. Since Information is either inaccurate or not explained in a detailed manner. It would be a good idea to confirm the info checks out .1blog1


Make sure you carry these important documents for E-7 visa:

  • Copy of Company Registration Document for the Korean Company you are working for. This is the most important document. If you are not having this document they will not give you the ARC card.
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Passport
  • Copy of passport front and visa page (optional)
  • Copy of your appointment letter (optional)

After reaching the immigration office you will need to fill out the Application form and fix a revenue stamp. The revenue stamp is available the immigration office for 10,000 won. Then you need to take your number from the number machine.. And then finally you can submit your documents at the application counter when your number appears on the counter screen. You could be waiting a while so get cozy . You might be approximately an hour or so depending upon the applicants.

Previously the immigration officer would give you a date to come and collect your ARC card and passport but now the ARC card and passport is mailed back to you on the address you provide. In Omokgyo after submitting your documents you can go to the 2nd floor and collect the receipt for mail delivery. You will have to pay around 4000 won and give your mailing address at the mail delivery counter. The lady will give you a receipt which you should submit back at the application counter, where you submitted your previous documents.

If you live in the Seoul Area, You have the option to apply for your Alien Registration Card online through hiKorea.Alien

For other immigration offices around Korea, You can use this link here.

A Korean embassy or consulate can issue two types of visas: a short-term visa for visitors who want to stay up to 90 days and a special long-term visa for periods longer than 90 days. A visitor with a special long-term visa is required to apply for alien registration at a local immigration office within 90 days of arrival.
Immigration Offices
Office Telephone Location
Seoul Branch +82-2-2650-6211 Seoul-si Yangcheon-gu Sinjeong 6-dong 319-2
At Omokgyo (Mok-dong Stadium) Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 7. Go straight for about 10 minutes.
Sejongno Branch +82-2-732-6220 Seoul-si Jongno-gu Samil-ro 12
Unhyeongung Palace SK Hub Building, 2F
(Gyeongun-dong 89-4 Unhyeongung Palace
SK Hub Building, 2F)
Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 5
Incheon Branch +82-32-890-6305~6 Incheon-si Jung-gu Hangdong 7-ga 1-31 (Seohae-ro 213)
Dongincheon Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 4. Walk out from Dongincheon underground shopping district, Exit 8. Take Bus 12 or 24 at Dongincheon Station Bus Stop to immigration office.
Incheon Intl. Airport Branch +82-32-740-7013 Incheon-si Jung-gu Unseo-dong 2172-1 Passenger Terminal, in front of counter G(3F).
City Air Terminal
+82-2-551-6922 Seoul-si Gangnam-gu Asem-gil Street. 53 (Samseong-dong 159-6)
Samseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 5 or 6.
Busan Branch +82-51-461-3021 Busan-si Jung-gu Jungang-dong 4-ga 17-26 (Chungjang-ro 14)
Jungang Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 10, 12 or 14). 10 minutes on foot.
Ulsan Branch 052-279-8000 Ulsan-si Nam-gu Maeam-dong 139-16
Take Bus 246, 256 or 406 to Maritime Affairs & Fisheries Office (해양수산청).
Gimhae Airport
+82-51-979-1322 Busan-si Gangseo-gu Gonghangjinip-ro 108 (Daejeo 2-dong 2350)
Gupo Station or Gangseo office Station (Busan Subway Line 3). Transfer to Bus 307, 11 or 13.
Daejeon Branch 042-220-2001 Daejeon-si Jung-gu Mokdong-gil 150 (Jungchon-dong 16-8)
Oryong Station (Daejeon Subway Line 1), Exit 6. 15~20mins on foot. Or, take Bus 604, 601, 107 or 317 to Hansarang Apt. and walk 570m.
Daegu Branch 053-980-3512 Daegu-si Dong-gu Ansim-ro 117 (Geomsa-dong 1012-1)
Dongchon Station (Daegu Subway Line 1), Exit 1. Walk 400m.
Gwangju Branch 062-381-0312 Gwangju-si Seo-gu Hwajeong-ro 196 (Hwajeong 3-dong 366-1).
Hwajeong Station (Gwangju Subway Line 1), Exit 2. Walk straight toward Geumho Apt. (5 min walk).
Jeju Branch +82-64-723-3494 Jeju-do Jeju-si Geonip-dong 673-8 (Imhang-ro 277)
Take any city bus to Jeju Girls’ Commercial High School, then walk about 5~7 minutes.

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