D-9: International Trade Visa

This visa is for individuals who are planning to arrive in South Korea for Corporate management, international trade, installment, management, and maintenance of exported equipment (machinery) or for supervision of equipment production.


You are eligible for a D-9 visa if:

  • You are a trader who has received a specific code number for international trade from the head of the Korea International Trade Association in accordance with International Trade Laws and Regulations.

  • You have been invited or dispatched to a company introducing an industrial equipment (machinery) and provides the company with a necessary set of skills for installment,management and maintenance of the equipment; or

  • You have been dispatched for supervision of ship building or industrial equipment building (including a person dispatched by professional service providers designated by employers).

  • You have established and managed the company or engaged in activities for profits.

Documents Required

The following documents are required in order to apply for a D-9 visa:

  • Visa application

  • A copy of passport

  • One standard size photograph

  • Fee

  • Dispatch order

  • A copy of business registration of the host company or copy of corporate register

  • Certificate of annual tax payment

Additional Documents

For a person who provides installment, management, and maintenance of industrial equipments (machinery) to a company: Equipment Introduction Contract or any documents proving industrial equipment introduction contract.

For a person supervising ship building and industrial equipment constructions:A copy of trade contract.

For an individual foreign business man: certificate of investment corporation (holders only), Documents (both original and photocopy) of joint venture contract (not required by all), Documents on business fund (for example: A certificate of wire transfer, certificate of foreign currency purchase, customs declaration),Detailed statement of business fund expenditure (for example: receipt of purchased goods, office interior’s costs etc.), Any documents proving the sales record ( for example: import&export permit, value-added tax or final tax return, etc.), Documents confirming the existence of your company (for example: Office rental contract, photographic documents of workplace etc.)

The head of a diplomatic mission abroad may request other supplementary documents in order to examine genuineness of the invitation, purpose of entry, and qualifications of the inviter and the invitee.

Maximum Length Of Stay

A single entry visa valid for 1 year or less is issued to the eligible candidates at the discretion of the chief of diplomatic missions. However, the maximum length of stay on a D-9 visa is 2 years.

Change Or Addition Of Workplace

D-9 visa holders are not subject to the report of ‘Change/Addition of Workplace, but are required to report ‘Change in Registration Information’.

Extension Of Stay

To apply for an extension, you need:

General Documents

  • An application form

  • Passport

  • Alien Registration Card

  • Fee

  • A copy of business registration certificate

  • Proof of residency (i.e. Lease contract, confirmation of provided residence, a utility bill payment for any public services etc.)

Additional Documents Depending On Your Purpose Of Stay

For those who plan to engage in supervision of ship building or installment, management and maintenance of the equipment to be exported: a dispatch order or a proof of employment (issued by the headquarter office), trade contract for ship building or equipment introduction contract, a certificate of personal tax payment.

For those engaging in corporate management, international trade, profit-making business: a proof of employment (issued by the headquarter office), a certificate of personal tax payment, a certificate of income amount, a copy of international trade registration or a copy of Trade Agency Registration, documents of sales performance or a certificate of trade agency performance (issued by the Korea International Trade Association : KITA)

For an individual foreign businessperson: a business license (where applicable), a certificate of investment corporation registration (for holders only), documents proving the business is normally operating (for example: a certificate of income amount, a certificate of tax payment etc.), Documents demonstrating existence of the place of business (for example: office lease contract, photographs of the front view of the office etc.), Documents demonstrating employment of Korean workers (for example: withholding taxes, national insurance premium, etc. for six months consecutive)

Re-Entry Permit

Individuals on D-3 visa are exempted from re-entry permit if they plan to return to Korea within 1 year from the departure date or If less than 1 year is left in the period of sojourn.

Alien Registration Card

Since D-9 visa is valid for more than 90 days, you must apply for an Alien Registration at your local Immigration Office within 90 days of your arrival.

For further information or questions regarding please visit the Korean immigration website: www.hikorea.go.kr

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