Hype of English in Korea

noexperienceSouth Korea , a small closeted country , yet technologically advanced and also boasting a highly skilled workforce . The country has long long protected itself from the influences of other cultures and old traditional values ,though superstitions still find an important place in the country’s present  form. When I landed in Korea , I was lost in the beauty of this beautiful land , covered all over by greenery and surrounded by gigantic beautiful mountains all around . Though one thing I was amazed to see was the “hype” of English in South Korea . I couldn’t stop my strong emotions and couldn’t think of no other word except “hype” . I am from India , a country of multilingual origins , and English , which is globally accepted language, spoken by many . I remember , even though it was almost a second language to me , and a compulsory subject in all public schools, we have never been this crazy to learn it . People of all countries give English a special place among languages and desire perfection in it but I have never seen the craziness for this language anywhere else as much as it can be seen in Korea .

You would be amazed to know that every other Korean has an English name , which is one of their favorite celebs from a TV or a sports star . I love my name and no matter how difficult it is to pronounce , which is so true in my case , I never thought of tagging myself with an English name . You shouldn’t be surprised if Korean strangers pass smiles frequently with you or may break into your personal space just to start a random talk from nowhere and practice their English skills . Interracial dating is quite popular in Korea too , wherein practicing English might not be the only true case , you know love is something which can happen anytime , anywhere . Even though K-pop finds a special place among all Koreans , you will find most of them singing English songs pretty often and dancing in night clubs .taught by


English speakers gain instant respect in Korea ,purely based on their first language .and they are greatly admired for their ability to hold a conversation in English. Apart from the personal craze ,Korea  is also one of the highest paymasters in terms of hiring English teachers , which form more than 70 % of the foreign crowd . If you are a white, born in an English speaking country , teaching English and saving a good amount of money in your bank account , get your backpack ready and travel to Korea . Visas for English teachers are easily available and you will get all the luxuries from house to transport and extraordinary perks . Regular full-time jobs to part-times and private coachings are all easily available for you , and most jobs don’t demand any special degree if you are an English citizen . I will talk about the education system in Korea another tim ,but to give you an idea , students at all levels of schools and colleges go for extra private English coaching classes . “Native” “Native” is all over the job portal , which I am so jealous of , as I can’t be an English tutor , even though I am considerably skilled in the language , but from a non-English country .
If you are a White and a women , your demand is double that of the common white man , which I am not sure to as why , but again that’s a Korean perception. So don’t get into a  rage , if you see an ad somewhere saying “White English Women Only “ . Yes , racism , castism , and gender-bias is still too common here .

Sharing with you all shades of the Korean system , I hope you find it informative and I would like to thank you all for your time and wishing a great English career
ahead . Go ! Go ! Go !

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