Ladies’ Code’s Fatal Car Tragedy : A Sign For Artists Agencies To ‘Wake Up’



When I scrolled my Facebook timeline down, I found a heartbreaking story about a Korean girl band, Ladies’ Code, ‘s fatal car accident in a website. This news brought a sad memory of a car accident where some of Super Junior members involved. Luckily, Super Junior was safe and able to recover fast. But what happen to Ladies’ Code was the opposite of Super Junior. One of the members, EunB, unfortunately passed away on the scene, two were seriously injured ( and one of them, RiSe, passed away after 4-day treatments in the ICU room ), and the rest got minor injuries.

On September 3rd, 2014  around 1:20 A.M, Ladies’ Code’s van slipped down a rainy road and hit te expressway’s wall at Singal Intersection of Yeondong Expressway heading towards Incheon nea the 43 Km point. They were returning to Seoul after finishing their schedule in Daegu. There were  passengers including the driver. Ladies’ Code’s EunB passed away and Ladies’ Code RiSe followed EunB on September 7th,2014. Ladies’ Code’s Sojung has a facial injury so she has to do some facial surgery, while Ladies’ Code’s Ashley and Zuny got minor injuries. After the news was released, Korean celebrities tweeted their condolences to EunB and their sympathies to Ladies’ Code.





I’ve been following their news after the tragedy. I actually have no idea who Ladies’ Code is. I thought they are an old girl band. But my heart was shattered when I found out that they are very young. Their futures were taken away by such an unexpected tragedy. Celebrities, either in Korea or all over the world, have very packed schedules where they are demanded to be ready to follow all of the planned stages. They have lacks of sleep hours and resting hours and irregular eating habits, so their energy is easily drained. Moreover, Korean celebrities are now very popular all over the world, so they have to jump to one place to other places in such a short time. When they are about to make their first debut or comeback performances, they can stay up all night or even for several days to finish their responsibilities. Behind the celebrities’ hard works, the managements who work behind to take care of their artists. But sometimes, the celebrities don’t get the rights they actually have to receive. Not all of the managements, but Ladies’ Code’s tragedy is actually a sign for all of the artist managements to ‘wake up’ that they have to take care of their ‘assets’ very well. A reminder to wear the seat belts before departing is such a small act, but it can save people in case there is an accident. Artists and their management have a mutual relationship where they need each other, so I hope this is the last tragedy happened and it can open people’s eyes that death can come wherever you are.



My deepest condolences for Ladies’ Code’s EunB and RiSe and hope the rest of the members will have a speed recovery. Maybe Ladies’ Code will look different without EunB and RiSe, but all of the fans and I personally hope that they can stand up, face the reality, and come back with a stronger will. #RIPEunB #RIPRiSe 힘내세요, 레이디스 코드 !


PS: This article is a bit out of the topic of this website, but it is written as a reflection for people regard to Ladies’ Code’s tragedy and as an appreciation to Ladies’ Code  members and staffs.

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