Rubber Duck Project – The Final Tour

Would your childhood memories returns when you see a yellow rubber duck? Instead of a tiny rubber duck that kids usually plays with during their shower time, the well known inflated yellow duck has already arrived in Seoul on the 14th of October, and it’s said to be its final tour destination!

Sponsored by Lotte Group and as a part of promoting the controversial Lotte World Tower, which is located nearby, this huge duck is standing tall at 54 feet high and weighing about 300 kilograms while floating in the middle of Seokchon Lake, Jamsil. Created by a Dutch instalment artist, whose name that I couldn’t pronounce, Florentijn Hofman, who hopes to spread a message of healing and peace to those who come to see it.


The “Rubber Duck Project” started in the year 2007 in Amsterdam and after that has travelled to cities such as Belgium, Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, and Pittsburgh etc. With the rising stress rates in Korea that affected even as young as schooling children, hopefully Mr. Ducky could help in “healing wounds” and “reliving tension” as it was supposedly intended to spread the joy among everybody.

Feeling irritated because you could only look at it but unable to touch it? Chill, there’s even a pop-up shop installed right in front of the lake. Go grab a souvenir for your friends and family, or even for yourself as a token of visiting this popular duck.

giant rubber duck merchandises in Korea


Not only it attracts foreigners and people like us, it also managed to capture the hearts of several K-pop artists, even posting their pictures onto their SnS accounts.



So if you still haven’t yet visited this giant duck, grab your last chance to get a glimpse of it as it will only be there up to the 14th November which is just less than 2 weeks away. Bring your loved ones with you and let the duck do it magical healing!

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