Top 3 Summer Festivals

Other than pretty beaches and hot bikini girls at the pool or seaside, there are always a ton of events waiting to be experienced by everyone in Korea. What other events that will be taking place during this hot summer season in Korea?

1. The 2nd Sinchon Water Gun Festival

Top 3 Summer Festivals

Thailand celebrates it’s New Year with their water throwing customs to passerby or just anyone, which is known as Songkran. However, in Seoul, the Water Gun festival is just a summer activity to cool off during the hot day.

This event will be held at Sinchon, Yonsei-ro on the 26th ~ 27th of July 2014, admission is free, but you could choose to buy their water gun package ranging from 18,000 won (I think), with waterproof pack, sports towel, drier and so on.

Want to have a crazy memory in Seoul? This should make your trip unforgettable!

2. Daegu Chi-mac Festival (Chicken + Beer)


Chi-mac is already a well known summer snack to the locals, in addition to the popular drama “My Love from the Stars” acted by Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun, the craze towards chi-mac bloomed like wild fire!

This festival will be held during 16th ~ 20th July 2014, at Daegu Du Ryu Park, though it might already ended at the time of posting this article, but still you could have a little insight about this delicious event, and maybe plan some time to visit Daegu the next summer!

Admission is free, and you can have free tasting of chicken and beer as well. Remember to bring your ID card to prove yourself an adult at the adult certification booth and get a special verification code to enjoy the beer.

3. Hwa Cheon Tomato Festival


Held on 1st ~ 3rd August 2014 in Hwa Cheon, Gangwon-do, this will be 12th Tomato Festival to be held here. Tomatoes contains lycopene which is said to be able to improve skin’s protection against UV rays, don’t you think it’s a perfect event for a summer season?

You can find exciting activities such as tomato sliding, ssireum (wrestling), juldarigi (tug-of-war) at the event location, so be ready to get messy while having fun!

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