Top 5 items that represent what beauty means in Korea

What Beauty means in Korea is pretty straightforward. In general, being skinny as a girl in Korea is a must. But, that is not the only thing you have to worry about to look beautiful in Korea. It has become a well-known fact that South Korean girls are obsessed with double eyelid surgery. Hearing it through the grapevine, Korea has now exceeded Brazil as the plastic surgery capital of the world.

As contradicting as it sounds, the popular look in Korea is natural look. Even though the plastic surgery may seem to cause the unnatural looks in certain cases, the fundamental concept of how most Korean girls do a make-up is to look as natural as possible. In order to have flawless and dewy look, Korean girls invest a lot of their time to take a good care of their skin. That is mostly like the reason why Korean make-up brands carry extensive skin care products. For that reason, Korean make up brands have been gaining more popularity nowadays in many other countries.

Koreans are also obsessed with skin whitening products because having a doll-like face makes you look innocent and pure, so to speak. Based on these cultural factors, you can find some interesting items that represent what beauty means to Koreans.

  1. Magic Stocking

It is called Magic Stocking for a reason. As you can probably see in the photo, this magi stocking will make your legs look thinner. Before and after wearing the stocking, it can apparently shrink the thickness of your thighs by 4 ~5 cm. Unlike some other countries where they appreciate thick thighs, it is one of the top complexes for Korean girls. Just in case you are curious to know how much it costs, it is about 14,900 KRW.


  1. Self-plastic surgery glasses for double eyelid

Without going to a plastic surgeon, you can create your own double eyelid. It costs about 5,900 KRW. It was originally started in Japan. Supposedly, you put it on for about 5 ~10 minutes every day for a month in order to make a natural double eyelid.

double eyelid

  1. Double eyelid Sticker

Double eyelid sticker has existed in Korea for years. Of course, it has been especially popular among teens. It has an instant impact to create a double eyelid. Depending on where you buy it and what type it is, the price can vary. But, you can normally purchase this item for about 6,900 KRW.

double eyelid sticker

  1. Brightening mask sheets

Having a snow white-like face is one of the best features for being attractive. There are some brightening mask sheets that cost about 95,000 KRW for a package of 6 mask sheets. You should be able to find brightening mask sheets pretty much any make-up stores in Korea.

mask sheet korean

  1. Self-nose job equipment ‘Nose up’

This beauty item is the cheapest way to get your nose job done. I guess people want what they don’t have. Many Asians want to have a Caucasian nose that has a higher bridge. The price is about 3,000~5,000 KRW.

Top 5 items that represent what beauty means in Korea

Nose job for cheap!

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