Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae

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Is it your first time traveling around Seoul ? Do you want to experience something new ? Well, of course, Seoul has a lot of things or places to be treasured. But it will be a really new experience for you living in the 3D World. 3D World ? Yeah, the places that I am talking about are Trick Eye 3D Museum and Ice Museum. I had lived in Korea for about a year to study Korean in Geumgang University, Nonsan, Chungnam-do. After I finished my study, my friend, Astrid, and I decided to go around Seoul to travel. Well, we had been to Seoul, but we never walked around that much because we did have some important things to do in Seoul. So it was the only chance we had to travel around Seoul before we went back home.

Anyway, it was winter when we visited those museums. They are located in 357-1, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul Seogyo nearby Hongdae. You can take exit 9 of Hongdae Station to reach this place. They both are located in the same floor, which is B2 Floor. In the B1 Floor, there’s a Love Museum where you can see some paintings about couples and things that couple do. Yeah it’s 18+ rated museum though. But if you bring your children, don’t ever visit this museum for sure hahaha. For your information, it’s the same as Love Island in Jeju.

The entrance ticket for both Ice Museum and Trick Eye 3D Museum cost 15.000 won per person, but fortunately my Korean friend helped us out to purchase the ticket in Coupang ( Korean shopping vouchers website ) to get the best deal. Yep, we got 50% discount for the entrance ticket. So we just needed to pay for 7.500 won per person. If you live in Korea, it’s better you ask your Korean co-workers or friends to register you on such discount websites then teach you how to purchase something from the websites. Maybe you can find ‘hidden best deal treasures’ there.20140109_142105


We firstly visited the Ice Museum which is located close to the ticket purchasing booth. I did a small research about this place to find out what’s inside of this museum. Since it was cold inside, so I brought my coat along. Yeah, it was a right decision though. You will freeze without putting your coat on inside of the Ice Museum. The temperature is about 00 Celsius – 10 Celsius. Since I went there on the Christmas holiday, so I saw Santa Claus and Rudolph’s cart and also a Christmas tree made from ice. Amazing! There are some sections in the Ice Museum, such as bedroom, living room, playing room, and also your children will love to play slide which is also made from ice. It’s good if they don’t mind their bottoms becoming wet afterwards.1526357_10152134025628754_1622010959_n

After ‘cooling’ our body and mind in the Ice Museum, we directly headed to the Trick Eye 3D Museum. Trick Eye 3D Museum is actually an art museum, especially paintings, which set a 3D concept on the paintings which are shown to the visitors. You can take pictures as many as you want, there’s no limit! They even put signs in front of the paintings so you know where you have to take the photos and to get the best shots, definitely. You don’t have to worry if you want to take pictures with all of your friends who come along. You can be in a frame with all of them and let the kind staffs that walk around the museum help you taking pictures. They’ll sincerely help you and get a good shot. They mostly can speak English, Chinese, or Japanese. It’s such a great one, right ? 20140109_144025





After experiencing the 3D world, you can have a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in the coffee shop close to the ticket purchasing booth or shop high quality cosmetics in Etude House or your children also can visit the merchandise corner and paint a mug. They can bring the mug home as merchandise from the Trick Eye 3D Museum.20140109_142601

Thus, let’s bring great memories home by visiting the Trick Eye 3D Museum and the Ice Museum and have them framed in such unique photos and shots. You’ll never regret it !20140109_143816

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