Work From Home: 5 Unique Ways to Bring in Extra Income

Part time jobs are great for the extra tadalafil generique suisse income they provide, but leaving your home and dedicated a large portion of your day to traveling to work often doesn’t work for people. Below are a few simple ways to get a side hustle that works with your schedule and your wallet.


Close Captioning
Are you a native English speaker with great listening and typing skills? There are various companies looking for remote part-timers to caption everything from TV shows, documentaries, to short informational videos. You will need to pass a simple listening and typing test and might have to learn how to use their basic subtitling software, but once your training is finished it is a simple way to make some extra income at home.

Teaching via Webcam
Is meeting your student face to face too difficult for your busy schedule? If you’re interested in tutoring, there are plenty of opportunities to teach English from your laptop. With young students getting busier and busier, its actually easier for everyone to just learn from a webcam. Many individual parents reach out for tutors using this style, but there are also companies like ALO7 that offer this.

B42ART Editing an English language document

Editing English Writing
From academic essays to various English needed for small businesses, editing jobs are everywhere in Korea. Requirements vary but often include English as a native language, a bachelors degree, and often a visa to work in Korea. These jobs are posted on nearly any job board for foreigners in Korea so keep your eyes peeled!

Social Media Management
If you have marketing skills that haven’t been put to use tadalafil generique suisse in your current workplace, there are hundreds of brands looking for someone to manage their social media channels part time. Especially in the start up world, remote part timers are essential for getting the job done, so if you’re smart and willing to search a bit you can find plenty of opportunities!


Affiliate Programs
Probably the most famous affiliate program is Amazon’s, but there are thousands of options you can choose from online. From tadalafil generique suisse reviewing clothes to writing a few blog posts about your favorite Amazon items, all you

need is a small social media following and you’ll be able to cash in on clicks/purchases from your followers!

Good luck side hustlers!

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